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GRIZZLY 1976 Adventure, Horror, Thriller Robert O. Ragland GRIZZLY L'ORSO CHE UCCIDE

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the world premiere compact disc release of GRIZZLY, featuring music composed by Robert O. Ragland (10 TO MIDNIGHT, Q, THE WINGED SERPENT, ASSASSINATION) for the 1976 horror thriller directed by William Girdler, written by Harry Flaxman and David Sheldon, starring Christopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel , Joe Dorsey and Teddy the bear as the Grizzly. GRIZZLY is a tale of realistic terror about the largest ground beast in the world, an eighteen foot, two thousand pound grizzly bear that goes on a massive killing spree in the serene setting of a national park. Park Ranger Micheal Kelly (George) and wildlife specialist Arthur Scott (Jaeckel) combine their efforts to fight two enemies: the bloodthirsty bear and park supervisor Charley Kittredge (Dorsey) who wants to keep the park open despite the inherent danger. Unable to stop the bear using any conventional methods, Kelly employs the talents of helicopter pilot Don Stober (Prine), a Vietnam veteran. Kelly and Stober take to the skies with high powered rifles and a rocket launcher. Meanwhile, Scott loses his life trying to take the bear alive with a powerful tranquilizer. Can Stober and Kelly stop the bear before it kills again? Playing the piano at the age of five set the tone for Robert O. Ragland’s lifelong interest in music. Throughout his school years, he performed and organized dance bands. After graduation from Northwestern University, Ragland served as an arranger for the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra. Later, he attained degrees in music from the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago and attended the Academy of Music in Vienna. Following the death of Tommy Dorsey, Ragland officially left the music business for his stint in advertising. But the urge to write film music overwhelmed him so he came to California. Some of Robert O. Ragland’s diverse credits include RETURN TO MACON COUNTY, PONY EXPRESS RIDER, SHARK’S TREASURE, PROJECT: KILL, ABBY, MANSION OF DOOM, JAGUAR LIVES, Q, THE WINGED SERPENT, MESSENGER OF DEATH, 10 TO MIDNIGHT, THE FEAR, ORION’S KEY, TOP OF THE WORLD and MOTEL BLUE. Ragland passed away in 2012 at the age of 80. In his later years, Ragland also conducted the music for many live awards shows including the Oscars and the Emmys. Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring GRIZZLY to compact disc for the first time, featuring music composed and conducted by Robert O. Ragland, featuring orchestrations by Jack Hayes, performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London. GRIZZLY is a limited edition release of 500 units.
1. What Makes a Man a Man? (Chorus) 2:05 2. Grizzly Main Title 3:50 3. The Grizzly Attacks 3:12 4. Hunting Party 2:28 5. Kelly’s Love Theme 1:40 6. Lone Hunter is Attacked 4:32 7. Scotty’s Ancient Indian Story 1:01 8. Sunrise On the Tower 1:57 9. Tower Teardown 2:21 10. Boy in Yard / Boy Attacked 1:46 11. Tracking the Grizzly 2:04 12. Scotty’s Night in the Forest 1:32 13. Kelly’s Midnight Plan 2:21 14. Scotty’s Search and Death 5:06 15. Helicopter Search / Don is Killed / Get the Bazooka 3:56 16. What Makes a Man a Man? (Instrumental) 1:46 17. What Makes a Man a Man? (Vocal) 2:59 Total Time: 46:46

MAIN ACTORS Christopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel