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LE PROFESSIONEL 1981 Drama, Action, Crime Ennio Morricone JOSS IL PROFESSIONISTA

Music Box Records is pleased to reissue the classic Ennio Morricone soundtrack for Le Professionnel, one of the Maestroâ??s best known scores and themes that attained fame all over the world. Supervised and mastered by Claudio Fuiano, the soundtrack has the same program as the limited edition GDM CD released in 2002 that had been going for unreasonable prices on the secondary market. For a long time, Le Professionnel has been notable for being one of the best-known Morricone scores even though very little of the composerâ??s music actually written for the film survived in the final cut. Instead of using the cues Morricone actually penned, director Georges Lautner and more importantly star Jean-Paul Belmondo decided to use a recording of "Chi Mai" a very famous Morricone composition that has been used and recorded in a number of different projects. The first appearance of the famous "Chi Mai" melody was in Maddalena (1971) and was later recorded as a pop song (in several languages) and a so-called disco instrumental was done in 1978. It was this recording that was used in Le Professionnel and is known as the theme from the film (even though it wasnâ??t specifically written for it). As per usual, Morricone recorded longer, album only variations of his two primary motives: "Le vent, le cri" and his so called "Bach" motive whose album version was named "Le retour". The first theme represents Beaumontâ??s character, while the second one was designed as a sort of vengeance motive. The variations made for the film were featured on CDs as well, but due to the random nature of the naming and the random placement of the cues in the film, thereâ??s a whole lot of music you never get to hear within the movie. For those who missed the previous GDM edition, Music Box Records makes this new remastered definitive edition available once again. The limited edition of 500 copies comes with an 8-page booklet with French and English commentary by Laurent Perret.
LE PROFESSIONNEL 1. Le vent, le cri (premier thème) (5:20) 2. Bach (première variation) (1:20) 3. Le vent, le cri (première variation) (0:26) 4. Le vent, le cri (générique) (1:48) 5. Décision finale (1:24) 6. Le vent, le cri (deuxième variation) (2:37) 7. Le vent, le cri (troisième variation) (2:14) 8. Le vent, le cri (quatrième variation) (1:46) 9. D'Afrique (première version) (2:12) 10. Le retour (sur le nom de Bach) (5:28) 11. Le vent, le cri (cinquième variation) (1:48) 12. Bach (deuxième variation) (1:30) 13. Le vent, le cri (sixième variation) (1:16) 14. Le retour (Bach - troisième variation)(0:53) 15. Le vent, le cri (septième variation) (2:25) 16. Le vent, le cri (changement d'octave) (0:52) 17. D'Afrique (deuxième variation) (2:09) 18. Le vent, le cri (neuvième variation) (2:40) 19. Le retour (Bach - quatrième variation) (1:01) 20. Le vent, le cri (dixième variation) (2:26) 21. Le retour (Bach - cinquième variation) (0:42) 22. Le vent, le cri (onzième variation) (0:39) 23. Le vent, le cri (douzième variation) (1:19) 24. Le vent, le cri (treizième variation) (2:42) 25. Chi mai (3:27) Total Time � 51:26
Release date: 5th May 2014