AND THE WORLD GOES ROUND (2 CD) (not film music)
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. Fred Ebb, John Kander .

World Premiere Recording of the complete show! They met in 1962. They had their first Broadway show in 1965 and their first Broadway smash hit in 1966. They currently have the longest running revival in history still on Broadway, packing in the crowds. They were one of the most amazing musical theatre songwriting teams in history â?? they were simply known as Kander & Ebb. Back in 1991, a bunch of talented artists came together to create a musical revue based on the songs of Kander & Ebb. They were director Scott Ellis, choreographer Susan Stroman and writer David Thompson. With musical director, David Loud, they created what the New York Times called â??An unexpected delight: A handsome, tasteful, snazzily staged outpouring of song and dance that celebrates all the virtues of the Kander-Ebb catalogue, while scrupulously avoiding most of the cloying clichés of and-then-I-wrote anthologies.â?? Audiences flocked to the show, which opened on March 18, 1991 at the newly renovated Westside Arts Theatre, where it played for 408 performances. After closing, the show had a ten-month national tour. It won the Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Musical and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical Revue. The show has been steadily produced all over the world ever since. The original 1991 RCA cast album was a truncated version of the show on one CD. It was missing quite a bit of material and it also had expanded orchestrations done especially for that recording. For this brand new recording, we used the showâ??s original orchestrations and this new 2-CD set is a complete version of the entire show from start to finish. As a bonus, weâ??ve also included the various playoffs for certain songs. This new studio cast recording features a stellar and brilliant cast: Brent Barrett, Kyra Da Costa, Jason Graae, Christiane Noll and Kristin Towers-Rowles. Musical direction is by Joshua Eli Kranz, and the album is produced by Bruce Kimmel.
CD 1 xxxx xxxx 1. And the World Goes Round Kyra Da Costa xxxx 2. Yes Company xxxx 3. Coffee in a Cardboard Cup Company xxxx 4. The Happy Time Joshua Eli Kranz xxxx 5. Colored Lights Christiane Noll xxxx 6. Sara Lee Jason Graae and Company xxxx 7. Arthur in the Afternoon Kristin Towers-Rowles 8. Crossover#1 Christiane Noll xxxx 9. My Coloring Book Kyra Da Costa xxxx 10. I Donâ??t Remember You/Sometimes a Day Goes By Brent Barrett, Joshua Eli Kranz xxxx 11. And All That Jazz Christiane Noll Joshua Eli Kranz and Company xxxx 12. Class Kyra Da Costa, Christiane Noll xxxx 13. Mr. Cellophane Jason Graae xxxx 14. Me and My Baby Company xxxx 15. There Goes the Ballgame Christiane Noll, Kyra Da Costa, Kristin Towers-Rowles xxxx 16. How Lucky Can You Get? Christiane Noll and Company xxxx 17. The Rink Jason Graae, Brent Barrett and Company xxxx xxxx CD 2 xxxx xxxx 1. Entrâ??acte Band xxxx 2. Ring Them Bells Christiane Noll and Company 3. Kiss of the Spiderwoman Brent Barrett xxxx 4. Only Love Kyra Da Costa and Jason Graae xxxx 5. Marry Me Jason Graae xxxx 6. A Quiet Thing Kristin Towers-Rowles xxxx 7. Shoes Dance Band xxxx 8, Pain Company xxxx 9. The Grass Is Always Greener/The Grass Is Always Greener (reprise) Christiane Noll, Kyra Da Costa xxxx 10. Crossover #2 Joshua Eli Kranz xxxx 11. We Can Make It/Maybe This Time/Isnâ??t It Better? Brent Barrett, Kyra Da Costa Kristin Towers-Rowles xxxx 12. Crossover #3 Kristin Towers-Rowles xxxx 13. Money, Money Company xxxx 14. Cabaret Company xxxx 15. New York, New York Company xxxx 16. And the World Goes Round Finale Company 17. New York New York Bows Band xxxx xxxx BONUS TRACKS: The Play-offs xxxx xxxx 18. And All That Jazz Band xxxx 19. Me and My Baby Band xxxx 20. Ring Them Bells Band xxxx 21. Shoes Dance Tag Band xxxx 22. Pain Band xxxx 23. Money, Money Band xxxx xxxx The Company: xxxx xxxx Brent Barrett xxxx Kyra Da Costa xxxx Jason Graae xxxx Christiane Noll xxxx Kristin Towers-Rowles xxxx xxxx Music by John Kander xxxx Lyrics by Fred Ebb xxxx Musical Direction: Joshua Eli Kranz xxxx
Release date: early October