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Kronos Records is proud to present you with the soundtrack for Jordan Incostant`s new film BLOODY FURY. In the days of the old west, a fierce and savage fur trade war is raging.  The titular character of the movie Bloody Fury, is one of the last red wolves remaining and decides to avenge his family who have been mercilessly wiped out by humans. But is revenge the best solution to find the way to redemption? Starring Bill Nighy and James Phelps in an interesting take on the western genre that aims to raise awareness about the impact humans are having on animals and the environment. This sagebrush saga pays a homage of sorts to the western genre as a whole and  is directed effectively by Jordan Inconstant. The films aims to encourage people to be protective of animals, especially wolves.   The morale value resonates with our own so it is wit hextreme honour that we champion the work of the young director!
The score is the work of our friends and dynamic duo Susan DiBona and Salvatore SanGiovanni (THE TRANSPARENT WOMAN and MAD MACBETH) who penned a truly vibrant and exciting soundtrack that resonates both the Italian / Euro western and the American westerns and includes many of the now established and readily associated musical sounds and instrumentation from both which were created by the likes of cinematic giants Ennio Morricone and Elmer Bernstein to mention just two.  The Italo Western is the heaviest of the influence, giving it a strong beautiful vibe of a modern day Spaghetti Western with an infusion of modern contemporary elements that work perfectly hand in hand with the old! A rtrule inventive and effective score!
The CD is strictly limited to 300 Copies and will make a great addition to the collection of the lovers of the genre. Keep an eye open for these amazing composers!
  2. Shot on Sad Hill
  3. Chop Chop
  4. Steampunk Taser
  5. Red Gloaming
  6. Dark Memories
  7. Bloody's Conscience
  9. Buffalo Rag_Nefarious
10. Bloody Breaks Free
12. Before the Showdown
13. A Slice of Revenge
14. The Moral of the Story
15. Beyond the Sunset
16. His Name is Bloody Fury (Reprise)
17. The Wolf,The Legend (End Titles)
19. Little Wolf Dancing
20. Buffalo Rag (full version)
21. Notturno per un piccolo lupetto
22. Buffalo Shuffle
23. Notturno per un piccolo lupetto (instrumental)
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