Catch Me If You Can

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BSX Records presents the soundtrack release of CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, featuring music composed by Tangerine Dream (SORCERER, THIEF, RISKY BUSINESS) for the 1989 action comedy written and directed by Stephen Sommers (DEEP RISING, THE MUMMY, VAN HELSING), starring Matt Lattanzi, Loryn Locklin, Grant Heslov, Billy Morrissette, Geoffrey Lewis and M. Emmet Walsh.

Shot in writer/director Stephen Sommers’ home town of St. Cloud, MN and released in 1989m CATCH ME IF YOU CAN follows the students of Cathedral High and their efforts to save their school from being shut down because of a lack of funding. If Good girl Melissa (Locklin) can raise $200,000, the school board will match them for the rest. Melissa enlists Dylan (Lattanzi), the resident bad boy to help her meet her goal. Instead of serving out his detention, Dylan is sentenced to use his driving skills to help Melissa raise the money.

The music for CATCH ME IF YOU CAN was composed by the pioneering German electronica band Tangerine Dream. Founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream is a ground-breaking musical act that veered away from the influence of traditional Anglo-American rock/pop and instead relied upon hypnotic rhythms, sustained drones, musique concrète, tape-music looping techniques, and the proliferation of early synthesizers. Throughout their seven-decade existence (which continues to this day) the band has released over eighty-five studio, extended play, or mini albums, fifty-two motion picture scores, and a handful of episodic television or video game scores.

An early compact disc release and very scarce, BSX Records is excited to bring CATCH ME IF YOU CAN back to the marketplace, remastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland.


01 Dylan’s Future (4:44)

02 Sad Melissa (2:08)

03 Fast Eddie’s Car (1:30)

04 Back To The Race (2:18)

05 Melissa Asks Dylan Out (1:16)

06 Dylan Alone At Home (3:28)

07 Melissa Needs Help (1:02)

08 The Kiss (1:01)

09 Racing Montage (3:42)

10 The Clock Is Ticking (2:15)

11 Widow Maker (1:43)

12 Dylan’s Dream (1:27)

13 Taking The Test (1:30)

14 Back To The Race Again (2:29)

15 One More Chance (2:27)

16 Melissa’s Challenge (1:26)

17 Widow Maker Race (2:45)

18 Dylan’s Triumph (4:19)

19 Catch Me If You Can (Main Theme) (1:02)

Total Time: 44:03

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