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Japanese exclusive CD release! Original Soundtrack from "LIVING", is a 2022 British drama film directed by Oliver Hermanus from a screenplay by Kazuo Ishiguro, adapted from the 1952 Japanese film Ikiru directed by Akira Kurosawa, which in turn was inspired by the 1886 Russian novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy. Set in 1953 London, it depicts a bureaucrat in the county Public Works department (played by Bill Nighy) facing a fatal illness.

The music is composed by French pianist/composer Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch. Her debut album, LIKE WATER THROUGH THE SAND, was a much talked about post-classical newcomer. This album includes a mystical score featuring piano, strings, and chorus, a dramatic score with a dialogue between violin and cello, a haunting score with a beautiful piano melody, and "The Rowan Tree," a Scottish folk song selected by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Track List

01. County Hall
02. Memories
03. Tent
04. Williams and Margaret
05. You Have to Speak to Him
06. When the Time Comes
07. Changed
08. Peter in the Eastend
09. The Rowan Tree / Lisa Nnapp

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